Thursday, December 22, 2005

Aaaaaand, He's Outta Here!

12.25pm: Right, admit it! You're sitting in the office pretending to do some work and watching the clock tick slowly towards the time when you'll finally finish up for the holidays. "If only I had an amusing pastime in which to indulge," you ponder, "so that the time passes quickly and I get myself into the holiday spirit."

Well ponder no more because courtesy of my good friend Poochie (he's a 12 foot rabbit) you'll soon be off and running and you'll never look back.

1. Click on the link below.
2. Click snowman once and the penguin will leap from the cliff
3. Click snowman again to hit the penguin as he descends. (Top tip: For maximum performance, it’s not about how hard or fast you do it, it’s all about finding the optimum angle of attack. Good advice at ANY time!)
4. What's your distance?

Click Here!

PS No animals were hurt in the making of this game!

5.25pm Update: I met Poochie this afternoon and told him proudly that my top score of the day was 321.9. “Nae luck mate,” he replied, “I got 322.” Smart arse.


At 22/12/05 2:52 pm, Blogger The Other Half said...

neil!!! first boobies now're so bad...and if you're wearing a kilt in texas i'm comin to see it!!

At 23/12/05 2:50 am, Blogger The Other Half said...

i only got up to 309

At 23/12/05 2:54 am, Blogger The Other Half said...

ha!! 322.9


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