Thursday, December 15, 2005

Now You See It...

As you get older, it’s important that you keep your mind active so that the cognitive functions remain well oiled and help stem the inevitable onset of Alzheimer’s. If you don’t, you’re liable to drift off the subject in the blink of an eye and start rambling about some irrelevant pet hate or childhood trauma. Like the time I was at school and a financial reward system for passing exams was implemented in our household. Trouble was, it was implemented a year AFTER I’d already passed a bunch of exams and no retrospective backdating mechanism was put in place to catch this scandalous loophole which in turn could have resulted in long term psychological damage. Like Alzheimer’s. I mean that’s hardly fair is it? And it wasn’t as if I was asking for a graduation car or a pony or anything. Just a couple of hours of daylight a day as respite from the darkness of my ‘basement bedroom’. Perhaps even a walk round the back yard for some fresh air. Or a stimulating conversation now and again. Or even an inquisitive “How’s it going?”

Anyway, where was I? Active mind, that’s right. This seems to be more important for men who, according to experts, i.e. women, are not the greatest multi-taskers in the world. Glossing over the fact that I still haven’t completed my big book of Su Doku, I’ve managed to find an alternative that fits all my mind-activating needs. Let me stress that I didn’t go looking for this – it was recommended to me by my good friend Bruce who knows about such things. So if you too would like to undertake my new mental stimulation ‘workout’, click here on these green words that are underlined. And remember, it was Bruce who found this. And then ran away.


At 15/12/05 6:48 pm, Blogger The Other Half said...

neil...i know i'm not a guy...anymore...but i didn't the test anyway!! dude...i'm at work!!

At 15/12/05 11:51 pm, Blogger Neil said...

It crossed my mind to put some kind of office health warning on this. But then I thought about my pals at work trying to cover their monitors in panic and searching furiously for the 'Esc' key and I thought, "Perfect!" Sorry if it caused you any embarrassment. And congrats on the 'Hottie' award!

At 16/12/05 1:01 pm, Blogger DC said...


Congratulations the "at work" thing went down a treat.

Many thanks from Davey P, Big Ronnie, Young Kev , Brent Vivian( his real name btw - he's a Kiwi)& Wee John.



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