Thursday, December 08, 2005

Auld Reekie

I finally ventured to the shops in the centre of Edinburgh (or 'Edinborororo' for you Americans) tonight and what a classy place it is this time of year. Cold enough to warrant a scarf tied up in a loose fitting, Euro-bohemian, fancy-pants type of way but not so cold that your nipples are permanently on the lookout for glass to cut.

There’s an outdoor German market selling 18th century wooden toys (whit’s THAT all aboot?), an ice rink where drunk office workers have accidents after happy hour and a big wheel with flashing lights and a half decent Christmas soundtrack – Frank was singing when I passed.

All in all, very Christmasy and unlike Bono, I DID manage to find what I was looking for.


At 11/12/05 4:09 pm, Blogger DC said...


Would you be so kind as to post a photo of you wearing a scarf properly - then we'll all know how to be in-season(?)this winter.



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