Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And The Winner Is...

Wow! What can I say? The response to yesterday’s headline competition was *gulp* overwhelming. I’ve only now finished sifting through all the email entries and boy, are you lot a creative bunch.

I particularly liked the style of Mr. Juan Kerr of Madrid who suggested the touching “You’re A Starbucks Whore! Bitch!” And also Big D. of Silicon Valley who proposed “ENLARGE IT SATISFY HER” - I took this to mean that he was suggesting I try a venti-sized coffee rather than a grande but he may well have been writing to me on another subject.

Many thanks go to Donald and Lesley for their sterling efforts. You were close but in the end I’m awarding the first prize of an unlimited stay in my spare room to a Ms. E MacPherson of Melbourne, Australia who came up with the snappy “Whotta Lotta Choca Toppa Mocha Shocka!” Brilliant stuff and yes dear, if you insist on wearing your bikini round the house, that’ll be fine.

Oh, and if you’re interested, the real headline in the paper today was “I’m A Sucker For The Festive Coffee Thing”… *cue whistling breeze and whispering tumbleweed*


At 6/12/05 9:33 pm, Blogger DC said...


The ahem "real" headline sucks bigtime.

Did you make some of the names up?



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