Friday, December 09, 2005

It's A Moo Point 1

TFI Friday so time for some not-particularly-festive quick-fire rants, reactions and reviews.

First up, the reviews and in the crosshairs this week – television.

Seriously Good
Bleak House, Broken News, Lost, The West Wing, Grey’s Anatomy (anyone know if there’s gonna be a 2nd season?), The Amazing Race, Shakespeare Retold, The Big Break IV, The Daily Show, The Sopranos repeats.

Seriously God Awful
Strictly Come Dancing (bollocks), The X Factor (unspeakable), I’m A Celebrity... (unwatchable), Little Britain (pukable), Parkinson (sycophantic dirge).

Undecided But Fading Fast
Rome, Space Cadets.

Second up, the reaction. The Conservative Party elected themselves a new leader this week and… zzzzzzzzz… sorry, not interested.

Finally, the rant. If you were one of those people in the news recently protesting against the (possible) resurrection of nuclear power stations can you please explain to me your alternatives. Water? Wind? By the way, I LOVE the sight of all those big wind machines across the countryside. Rather than scarring the landscape I think they enhance it tenfold. But that’s just one guy’s opinion. Or moo point if you will. Back to the issue at hand.

Coal WILL eventually run out. Oil WILL eventually run out. If you don’t want your kids fighting each other at petrol stations in 50 years time (or, God forbid, going to war to secure oil reserves) it’s time to start harnessing the power of the atom. Not only is it a potential source of UNLIMITED energy, the quicker we get on board with finding a safe way to use it, the quicker we’ll invent Warp Speed and the lightsaber. And I think we’d all agree that would be a very fine thing indeed.

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At 9/12/05 2:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there Neil -

Definitely a 2nd season of Gray's. You should also be watching Prison Break if you get it.

Congrats on 8 days in a row. Keep it up!


At 11/12/05 3:22 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

I've just watched the whole of Grey's Anatomy series 1. The second series is magically winging its way onto my hard disc as I type.

At 11/12/05 3:35 pm, Blogger DC said...

Soapy, Soapy Soapy, Soapy......

Winning Hearts & Minds- I think we've just witnessed the birth of a new political movement.It's about time we had some real inspired ( but ill- informed ) thinking - "everything I like is great- everything else is rubbish."

You get my vote- huge wind turbines really do rock - as do enormous pylons.

The revolution starts here!!



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