Monday, December 12, 2005

That Will Be The Week, That Will

It’s another action packed week ahead here at the corporate headquarters of neilwritestheworld as the countdown to the holidays counts down ever closer. To the holidays.

Tomorrow, we’ll be exclusively publishing a previously undiscovered fairy tale from the quill of Danish uber-storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. A rare scoop indeed.

Later in the week I’ll be answering some of your emails and giving you my glib opinion on a wide ranging range of subjects in another enthralling episode of “It’s A Moo Point.”

Popular feature “Whit’s THAT Aw Aboot” will also make a welcome return as it once again casts it's critical eye over the social, cultural and spiritual topics of the week whilst reiterating the argument that change of any kind is not good.

And if space allows, there may also be a fabulous new fashion section containing digitally airbrushed photos of myself as I demonstrate all the new scarf wearing possibilities for the winter season.

Output may diminish towards the end of the week as the staff here at corporate headquarters indulges in their 48-hour Christmas party celebrations. Mince pies and champagne have been ordered and the guys from Canon have been on site to structurally reinforce all photocopiers for what is traditionally their most rigorous workout of the year.

So strap yourselves in, keep limbs inside the safety barrier at all times and scream if you wanna go faster.


At 14/12/05 1:45 pm, Blogger DC said...


Is it not possible that your output will increase during the festivities?



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