Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Weekend Achievements 2

Most of you, I know, have been following the ongoing research within the scientific community to devise a DNA algorithm for solving the NP-Complete problem (the Shortest Common Superstring Problem, in layman-speak) by manipulation of biomolecules, and have no doubt been as troubled as I about the lack of tangible progress in this field.

Well fret no more because as you can see from my lab photos, my little three year-old nephew Tommy cracked the code on Sunday and produced an impressive model of his controversial TRIPLE helix theory in the process.

He’s currently in the process of typing up his 10,000 word thesis on the subject - which should provide nice stocking fillers for the family come Christmas time - complete with supplementary graphics of Lightning McQueen and Thomas. The tank engine guy.

Not to be outdone, Tommy’s six month-old sister Amy rolled herself over on to her front for the first time on Sunday night and it was quite a sight to see. She wasn’t quite sure what to do next so adopted the limbs-out, head-back position much loved by freefalling skydivers the world over. (Don’t tell her mother but I’m gonna have her walking at Christmas.)

Amy has a very wise and knowing air for someone so young and often looks at me as if to say, “Hey Scruffy! I could leap out of this swing and juggle all those balls whilst hopping on one leg if I wanted to but you just fed me custard so I’m gonna chill here for a while.”

And check out this similar expression after hearing yet another of younger cousin Jude’s stories about world class nappy filling. “Hhmmph. Boys are like, SO childish. And get your grubby hands off my jar of puréed pizza Uncle Neil, you greedy b…”


At 25/10/06 8:22 pm, Blogger Kell said...

No wonder you're a proud uncle. A genius nephew and 6-month old niece practicing her freefall technique. Better stay on their good side.

At 25/10/06 8:50 pm, Blogger DC said...


All this " Ain't I The best Uncle" to all these annoyingly cute/smart kiddies, made me wonder how your off-spring might measure up? Not there's chance of that right enough .

Cheers, Still Single?


At 27/10/06 8:47 am, Blogger Neil said...

Yeah, I think I've got about 10 to 12 years before they start thinking I'm NOT cool. They'll be wrong of course, but that's teenage hormones for ya.

Hmm.. my own offspring. Do M&S sell them yet?


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