Monday, March 26, 2007

Eh... Pass!

On Saturday evening I got a text message from my friend, The Wee Man, asking me if I could tell him the age of all three members of The Police. He was on a bus at the time with his son, The Wee Wee Man, making his way home from Hampden Park in Glasgow, having just witnessed the magnificent Scottish national football team claim a 2-1 victory over the mighty Georgia. I was quite surprised to hear that the Peach State had been allowed to enter a team in the European Championships but apparently the State was named after King George II of England so that’s alright then.

[Quick aside: Did you know that the 1994 movie “The Madness of George III” had its title changed in the States to “The Madness of King George” because producers were worried that American audiences would assume they’d missed the first two movies in the trilogy and not turn up?]

Anyway, back to The Wee Man. Apparently a furious debate had broken out on the bus journey home about The Police and the age of the three members. Naturally, The Wee Man decided to settle matters by texting The Font Of All Knowledge About The Police, but when I read his question I was dumbstruck. I didn’t know the correct answer. How was I ever going to appear on Mastermind if I couldn’t come up with the most basic of information about my specialist subject?

So apologies to you Wee Man. As penance, I gave myself a right good thrashing on Saturday night and then spent Sunday researching the correct answers. The only one I guessed right was Andy who will be 65 in December. Stewart will be 55 in July and Sting will be 56 in October. Can’t wait to see this youthful trio in concert later in the year!

Police trivia will make its return to a screen near you later next month.


At 27/3/07 9:59 am, Blogger DC said...

It's a shocker sure!Who would've thunk that, with all the nice hair, they were that age. That must mean that Andy was about your age when the Police split & that he's probably ages with the Rolling Stones & Sir Cliff!



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