Tuesday, March 06, 2007

GOT 'EM...

…four of ‘em to be exact. Now who wants to come with me?


At 6/3/07 7:41 pm, Anonymous Wendi said...

me me me!

when are you coming here again nealy?

At 6/3/07 8:14 pm, Blogger Lena said...

me me me to to to! I've not been to Manchester for years, either. I may not be quite The Police fan as you are but I love a Historical gig.

At 6/3/07 10:37 pm, Blogger Gordon said...

Me me m... wait a minute... HOW MUCH?!!

£90-odd quid?! Are you quite mad? I refused to pay £60 to see Brian Wilson.

At 7/3/07 7:30 am, Blogger Peggy said...

Let me know how it was.

At 7/3/07 11:31 am, Blogger DC said...

Soaps, I suppose it may be worth it if Stingy doesn't pull out his lute & his hair is done nice.


At 8/3/07 3:40 am, Anonymous Michele said...

DC - funny! made me giggle

At 8/3/07 7:46 am, Blogger Neil said...

Wendi - You're top of my list thus far. And I'll be in Austin on March 28th until April 3rd.

Lena - And you're 2nd on the list. I've NEVER been to Manchester.

Gordon - When you've been waiting (and saving) for 23 years, they're cheap at half the price.. eh.. no. TWICE the price.

Peggy - Will do.

Donald - His hair's always nice.

Michelle - Don't let him fool you... his duaghters think up the funny lines for him.


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