Wednesday, February 21, 2007

No News Is No News

If you’re one of those people who’re wondering whether anything new will ever appear on this website then take a number, form an orderly queue and get in line behind me.

I’ve never been particularly keen on writing something just for the sake of writing something (the effort required to let go of the remote, climb the stairs and turn on the pc just isn’t worth it) and I’m pretty sure the pressing issues at the forefront of my mind this week would have you asleep as quickly as they did for m….. zzzzzzzzzzz….

Things like…

1. Is there a machine to get the stones out of the middle of olives? If not, how f#cking boring must that job be?

2. I wonder if other people who live by themselves have a rota system for the plates in their cupboards and the cutlery in their drawers so that all get a fair chance to be utilised?

Anyway, I only dropped by today to let you know that the other blog, is now complete with all the round the world travelogues together with some never-before-seen photographs… like the one of me in a Rangers strip!!! Whit's THAT aw aboot?

Meantime, stay tuned while I find out the answer to that whole olive conundrum.


At 21/2/07 9:40 pm, Blogger Betty said...

I don't know about a machine, but there is a kitchen gadget made just for the task of getting stones from olives.

It's easy to rotate all the plates and utensils. Just pile them in the sink when you've finished with them, and when they are all used up, wash them and start all over.

At 23/2/07 2:11 pm, Anonymous Drew said...

Hi Neil, I was hoping to email you but can’t find your address. If poss, can you ping one to me at Thanks!

At 23/2/07 9:45 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Betty - That's GENIUS! The simplest solutions are always the best.

Drew - Email address is in my profile.


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