Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And A Crumpet Too While You're At It

Last week I opened a new bag of Tetley tea bags and, much to my excitement, discovered a free sample of a new product inside the packaging. It took me a few minutes to fully absorb all the features and benefits of the new brand – “refreshing and revitalising taste” indeed! – but I soon cracked a smile thinking about how much fun the X-Files geek in the Marketing Department must have had coming up with the name.

Now my only worry is finding the right words when my Mum & Dad next visit…

“Can I interest you in a…?”

“Would you like a lovely steaming mug of…?”

Any and all suggestions gratefully received.


At 26/4/07 1:46 pm, Blogger Peggy said...

Is it proper tea?

At 27/4/07 12:24 am, Blogger Neil said...

I'm too scared to try it Peggy so I can't tell you. I suspect it might be one of those fiendish government experiments to get me to vote a certain way in our election next week.

At 27/4/07 11:55 pm, Blogger Mirk said...

Ah but does it dance?

At 29/4/07 8:44 pm, Blogger Lena said...

As a strawberry blonde, I'm not at liberty to comment!


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