Friday, June 13, 2008

Something For The Weekend 41


A quick cultural update for you this week ‘cause I’ve just been so busy playing great golf coupled with trying to keep my voice at a pitch and resonance that doesn’t shatter glassware wherever I go, such is my pants-wetting hysteria at the prospect of seeing The Police next Tuesday night. So, in brief…

The only thing I’ve watched this week is some football (Super Henrik!) and the conclusion of “The Apprentice” (how gorgeous was Helene? and a boob job to boot apparently!?) and yet again Alan Bloody Sugar picked the wrong winner. Honestly Dave, what the f#ck does that guy know about business?

Don’t tell my wee brother (he’s a Jam fan… I’m a Police fan… imagine our idyllic childhood?) but I bought the new Paul Weller album, “22 Dreams”, this week and am enjoying it enormously. It’s a bit mellow and trippy at times with enough rockin’ guitar in all the right places and there’s no doubting the guy can write a good song. Need a copy?

I finally finished that bloody Brian bloody Clough bloody book young man. Good story but what a bloody slog to get through. This reading lark is hard work. Someone should tell these so-called authors to record their “outputs” on to some kind of audio tape facility so I can listen to it on my car’s 8-track.

Most “art”, of course, is utter pants but I know what I like and I really like these photos where people have been captured jumping in mid air whilst totally covered in sheets and fabrics. I also like them because they were taken in my favourite city of Austin, TX.

Not everyone’s sense of humour is the same but if these commercials don’t make you laugh just a little bit then frankly, you’re a bit mental.

Food & Drink
You know Dave, I’ve never really understood all the fuss about getting “five a day”. But that’s because, until this week, I thought people were talking about “meals”.

I’m in a bit of a quandary about what to wear to the Police gig next Tuesday. Beard or clean shaven? Baseball cap or stetson? Denim or cords? Jacket or hoodie? Boxers or commando? Timberlands or white Shakin' Stevens boots? I still have a red Police t-shirt from 1980, as sported here by Stewart Copeland, but let’s just say it’s a bit on the “snug” side.

If only I could track down this slightly larger effort from 1981.

This is me on a school trip to Switzerland with best pal Big Al “The Kiddies Pal” Hendry. Not really sure why Al had such a penchant for so much leather or why he seems to be fascinated by his own fist but the combination of the two is a little disturbing. Perhaps he was just over exuberant after we’d broken into that white car to steal a wallet and couldn’t wait to spend the francs on double (and underage!) beers!

Or how about this one from the “Synchronicity” years?

This is me in San Antonio, Ibiza in 1984 complete with Indiana Jones (sort of ) hat and standard issue Scottish “carry-out” in a plastic duty-free bag. The previous night, I’d been at the very same discotheque where Wham’s “Club Tropicana” video was filmed. Hence the short shorts!

As a guru of all things fashionable Dave, I’d welcome any input you have to offer. Nothing yellow though. Or pink.

Have a great weekend and come back next week when I’ll no doubt be sharing a photo or fifty from the gig.

Cheers, Edge


At 13/6/08 8:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morning Edge,

Things fairly quiet with me. Am on a crash diet at the moment as it's 3 weeks until I am off to the Algarve and I wish to avoid being mistaken for a beached whale. Seen plenty of the football. Spain looked very good.

Those are incredibly short shorts - reminded me of Marty at the Training Centre Open. Speaking of which, does the committe know of your recent 69?!

Film wise I wathced Semi-Pro. Typical Will Ferrell but I enjoyed it. The HULK has been getting pants reviews so not sure I'll rush to see it.

Not bothered about the Weller cd but thanks for the offer of a copy. I purchased the new Coldplay cd in a moment of weakness. It's just like their other stuff.

Not read a book for donkeys but will avoid that Clough one. Sounds too much like hard work for someone with my attention span.

Hope you enjoy the Police gig dude. You sure seem to be looking forward to it! Will catch up with you soon. Cheers the now


At 14/6/08 8:27 pm, Blogger Donald said...

Nice post Soaps.

Before I start checking out guitar porn,( don't reckon I've got a spare £9000 for the Andy Summers signature Telecaster , and, by the way, how come the Sting signature bass is a mere £600?) thought I'd offer some fashion advice for next week:

Leather Indiana Hat,

Personalised Demin waistcoat(classic),


Short Shorts(red)
Big Al's studded leather wristband ( black)
Pure total white Shakey Steven's booties,

Finally, you want to include some extras from your "Man of the Eighties " kit, but that might be over the top. I wouldn't want you to look silly.


At 16/6/08 9:58 pm, Blogger Lena said...

OMG! You look a right wee cutie-pie in that pic with Al. God Bless, 80's hairdo's...!

I caught the boys on telly last night and couldn't believe the difference in Andy Summers. I was quite frightened actually... but the boys did you proud, Neil.


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