Friday, May 16, 2008

Something For The Weekend 38


Many thanks to you (and others) for your response to my plea for help last week. You’ll be glad to learn that I’m feeling myself this week, much more than I was before. Previously. So that obviously brings its own pleasures. I’m also looking forward to seeing you in the pub tonight where we can talk about sports teams and rock ‘n roll music and Indiana Jones and exhaust manifolds and the like. And drink beer.

I’m going to be playing golf ALL weekend so I don’t have any specific cultural events to recommend to you over the next couple of days but I would like to give you a “heads-up” (©Andy Sipowitz) about an unmissable gig happening mere yards from your door a fortnight tomorrow.

On the evening of Saturday May 31st, there’s a charity gig at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh which will raise money for CLIC Sargent and Breast Cancer. It features a fantastic band called Soul Inferno (see what I did there with them fancy, evocative flaming colours? iMacs… who bloody needs ‘em?) the bass player of whom (who? which?) is married to my good friend Morven... who I think you might know? Or will certainly have heard about by reputation... ho, ho, ho.

Anyway, I’ve seen them before and they’re great (and their singer’s pretty hot too) and tickets are only £10 each, available from Morven (this is a link to her Bebo site… whatever the hell that is?) or me, I guess, if you email me. If that wasn’t value enough, the ticket price also includes “supper” which I’m reliably informed will be “a big f#ck-off bowl of stovies”. What a bargain, and I’ll be there, so tell all your pals and let me know how many tickets you’ll need.

Talking of “totally awesome live bands”, The Signals are currently arse-deep in negotiations for a plethora* of gigs over the upcoming summer months so come back here on Tuesday to find out more, including the chance to win a rare piece of band memorabilia… the bass player’s wallet, ho, ho, ho.

Finally Dave, it would be remiss of me not to offer my heartiest congratulations after hearing the frankly incredible news that you got engaged last week in… *cough*… "gay" Paris. I’m obviously a bit miffed that you didn’t consult me on the matter before barging ahead like a bull in the duvet section of John Lewis and I’m left feeling somewhat devastated that you’ve now “pulled out” of your planned “sleepover” here. However, I’m sure “she” is worth it and I know you’ll have been celebrating by spontaneously leaping up from your desk at work and exposing your nipples at regular intervals... all three of them. As is your way. Rest assured I will be buying you many drinks tonight to show there are no hard feelings. Now tell me… do you need a band for the big day?

Cheers, Edge

*two (three if we secure the wedding gig)


At 16/5/08 9:03 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morning Dude,

Not at work today. Brilliant. Though I am having to spend the morning doing gay house duties in order that everything is tidy for the folks visiting tomorrow. Thereafter I'll be getting the xbox fired up for a few hours before wandering to the pub to meet yourself and the rest of the gang.
Thanks for the congratulations. Apologies I did not consult you. Sometimes I just crazily charge on with things. Gig on the 31st - I know Stuart and Morven. Are you going? Do I have to dance with you if so, or can I just sit and try to look 'cool'?
Oh, and believe it or not it was also the Big Man's 40th this week! Happy Birthday Rab! He seemed to think that may mean that we will be nice to him at the handicap meeting tonight. Myself and the Wee Man assured him that this would NOT be the case!

See you later dude



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