Thursday, April 24, 2008

Done, Dusted...

...the fat lady has sung, taken a bow, had a quick drink backstage with the rest of the cast, gone late-night crusin' in the vain hope of a lumber and staggered home alone save only for the drippin' kebab (large), the remnants of which will no doubt be fed to her 15 cats in the morning.

Needing only one and a half points (yesterday's estimate was wrong) out of eight singles matches today, Team Edge came stormin' home with three and a half and a winning margin of 14.5 - 9.5. Every man on the team was a hero but special mention should be made of Marty Mackenzie, the only man on either side ever to win all five matches. He will hereby only ever be referred to as "Hawaii"... gettit?

The cup comes home tomorrow. Unfortunately, so also do we. A fanf'ntastic week.


At 24/4/08 3:10 pm, Blogger Donald said...

The nation awaits your triumphant return.

I think I read in the Lithgay Gazette something about a public holiday, & Alex Salmond cancelling all prior engagements.



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