Tuesday, February 12, 2008

NO... I Said I Wanted BROWN M&Ms!

I received a rather abrupt text message today that read... “Hey u lazy g##. Get some f###### writing done on that f###### blog cos I wanna read about your gig" ... or something like that.

To be honest, I think I’m still recovering from what was an exhausting two-hour performance on Friday night and since most of the people who read this and/or know me weren’t there, I can honestly say it was the greatest gig ever. But don’t just take my word for it…

“A triumphant homecoming…” said The Sunday Times. “An awesome display of rockin’ majesty…” added Kerrang magazine. “I was surprised they were all still alive,” commented the venue owner.

Sure, there was the odd bum note and improvised lyric but we powered through 24 songs (count ‘em Morv… 24!!) and didn’t come running off stage till half past midnight, grabbing a hot cup of cocoa from the roadies waiting in the wings and then whisking off in a limo to our beds at the retirement community.

Rumour has it that a full 38 seconds of video footage from the night is available somewhere and may appear on the interweb if the footage owner – who also plays the bass and wears a white shirt – can locate the power switch for his daughter’s computer and then work out what You Tube is all about. While you’re waiting for that – and don’t hold your breath – here’s a very grainy photo of the band in action, together with at least eight of their adoring fans.


At 13/2/08 12:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do believe that if you check out You Tube you might just find something.

At 13/2/08 1:51 pm, Anonymous Stuart S said...

I checked YouTube and found a video of a train going through a signal at Falkirk Grahamston but no Signals gig in Falkirk ... anybody fancy sharing a link?


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