Friday, December 07, 2007

Something For The Weekend 34


A quick line to let you know I’m still around… although after I went to see a fantastic film recently called “Into The Wild”, I too wanted to leave everything behind, hop freight trains, walk through deserts, canoe through the Grand Canyon and end up in Alaska camping out in an old abandoned bus and living off nothing but nature and my wits. It’s great. Go see it.

Elsewhere… I notice that the Cameo cinema in Edinburgh is showing “Blade Runner Director’s Cut No. 47” next week. At the time this film first came out, you would’ve been but a lad, whereas I was skipping university lectures to see it during wet afternoons in Glasgow. Don’t listen to any of those so-called cinema experts who hang around your office building who’ll try and tell you that the Director’s Cut versions are best – the original version with the Harrison Ford voiceover is miles better. I still have the betamax videotape to prove it.

And talking about possible upcoming movie-going opportunities… remember that time in the pub when you were telling me about all the films that make you cry? “Titanic”… “Dead Poets Society”… “Spongebob”… well, Edinburgh cinemas are falling over themselves to show “It’s A Wonderful Life” over the next couple of weeks. It’s a must if you’ve never seen it on the big screen but remember and stock up from your extensive Kleenex collection before you go and see it.

Cheers, Edge


At 7/12/07 12:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back sweetie. Have you got a sneaky new job as a film critic or are you just keeping the East Coast Cinemas in business all by your own self ?

xx love love xx

At 8/12/07 9:31 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Edge,

Good to hear from you. Yeah, noticed that film has been getting good reviews so will attempt to see it. Not much happening with me. After the indoor golf thingy I golfed the next day at Dalmahoy. It was cold wet and windy. Was then off for the week so did my Christmas shopping, watched a few films, played plenty of xbox and generally chilled out. It was our work night out last night. Was ok and I am hangover free today which is a bonus! Hopefully catch up with you soon. Cheers


At 12/12/07 8:41 pm, Blogger Donald said...

I know you waited long, and hard, for the Police reunion & that next June seems a long way away( hopefully it'll be a good sumner so that Stingy doesn't get a sore throat). However I've just discovered that the new Indie film - something about lost skulls & a Nazi curse - is well under way . Not only that but there's a 'fishiel poster out now - get that on your wall!

Anyway not long now 'til a certain rock'n' roll event that may be better than say Ryan Adams. When was the last time ? 1981?

Rock on.


At 12/12/07 10:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the top tips on the movies. Having just spend too many hours on virgin atlantic and playing with their entertainment system I can absolutely recommend not going to see or renting - 'The Interview' & 'Mr Brooks'. Complete bollocks. On a side note the telly is crap in the USA currently - as the television writers and their crew are still on strike.

At 18/12/07 7:39 pm, Anonymous Bama said...

Didn't the guy in that movie "Into The Wild" die? Is that part of your fantasy? Hmmm...


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