Thursday, October 11, 2007

Always Thinking Of Others

Work Colleague: “Hey, I thought you said you were going to put me on your blog?”

Me: “I know, but I thought better of it and decided your ‘episode’ at the Blood Transfusion Van might be a little embarrassing. Besides, I make it my policy never to make fun of anyone, especially nice ladies like yourself, in my writing. Can still include it though if you’re feeling left out?”

Work Colleague: “Nah - just kidding. Don't really want everyone to know that I was flat on my back with my legs in the air, sweating profusely and panting heavily while the whole of the Makro car park got an eyeful of my pop socks!”

Me: “Okay then.” *thinks*.. "like they haven't seen that before..."


At 16/10/07 9:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha de ha!

Being completely lacking in any awareness of anyone else's feelings - particularly yours - what time would you like me to drop off that victoria sponge tonight???

At 18/10/07 11:54 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Oh Morven... you're so cute in that feisty way of yours... at least I didn't name you.


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