Monday, January 14, 2008

Many Happy... etc.

This blog is three years old today and quite frankly, I’m relieved that the “terrible twos” are over and done with. Many’s the time over the past twelve months when I’ve come home from work/job centre after a hard day’s graft/coffee-drinking to find the little bastard screaming his (he’s a ‘he’) head off at me for some attention when all I really want to do is lock him in the sound-proof basement, unplugged with nothing but his vivid imagination and the rats for company. (Never did me any h-h-h-harm when I was 2.)

It was easy in the early days after he was born when we both lived in the sun-kissed paradise of Key West, him getting fed every five hours or so and then sleeping and me getting fed every five hours or so and then sleeping. But now we’re in the darkest, coldest, wettest (seemingly) country in the world and I fear our carefree days of unbounded joy and innocence are long gone. Pretty soon he’ll be going off to school/coal mines to get an education/start paying his way so I guess I should cherish the happy days when I happen to stumble across them.

He’s too moody today to tell you himself so I’ll take a quick moment to thank anyone who’s ever dropped by this way for a quick read/completely by accident. Your loyal patronage/random visit is much appreciated even though I probably don’t know who you are due to my lack of knowledge regarding stat counters and RSS feeds and Beta video recorders and the like. And a special thanks to my good friend who sent me a text today prompting me to write this birthday message even though it goes against all of my better instincts to write TWO POSTS IN A WEEK!!!


At 15/1/08 4:24 am, Blogger Kell said...

Happy Blogiversary! Or would that be happy blog-birthday? Either way, happy something or other. Three is great. More independence and more exploring the world around you. So much to look forward to.

At 16/1/08 10:56 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You feel better for doing it though don't you ?

Now when I tell you I'm always right, you'll believe me

xx love love xx

At 17/1/08 10:01 am, Anonymous DC said...

Well done that man/computer!

Twice in a week, that's way above average - you'll need extra naps to compensate.

Keep up the sterling work.


At 17/1/08 3:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

3yrs - your getting better on the committment front. I tell you, it's a sign, I can feel it.

Later bro

At 20/1/08 1:08 am, Blogger Newt said...

Happy Blogiversary! That's awesome! I have a stat counter and my second highest country is South Africa. Go figure.......

At 22/1/08 2:51 pm, Blogger Peggy said...

Happy Blogiversary!

At 23/1/08 6:08 pm, Anonymous Bama said...

Happy Belated Blogday from Random Lurker/Commenter.

(P.S. I decided to start a blog...I wrote every day for a week, and then I quit and I've never been back. I just don't have the will. So many kudos to you!)

At 30/1/08 9:16 am, Anonymous DC said...

Soaps, Still napping ?

Not much happening so far in year 3?


At 31/1/08 8:53 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

Two posts in one week, then ......nothing for two weeks. Get a grip, man.


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