Monday, April 21, 2008

From Our US Correspondent...

Day Four Update...STOP. Team Edge 5-3 down after two golf days...STOP. Expect stormin' comeback this afternoon after day of rest yesterday where Lord's commandments strictly observed by way of shopping, theme parks, drinking, poker and drunken midnight game of American football in car park...STOP. Florida very hot... TOP. So was girl in bar who gave us gift certificates for cheap golf at exclusive course... STOP. It's tough out here but will try and get through it...STOP. OUT.


At 22/4/08 10:03 am, Blogger Donald said...

Soaps, hang in there, you CAN do it. Good God man, you've been through worse . Stiff upper lip, keep your pecker up . The nation is holding its breath.

At 22/4/08 9:21 pm, Anonymous Wee Man said...

Tuesday 22nd at 9.00pm (can't do that BST, GMT, EST, ALD, CTP, CLD, MSD, UTC etc). Await update on stormin comeback and hot girl in bar. Come on team Edge.
P.S. STOP what ?

At 23/4/08 12:22 am, Anonymous Bertie said...

Shock and Awe tactics have seen a dramatic turnaround. Fat girl about to perform. Have to go Bud Ice calls - Edge to post details later


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