Wednesday, February 13, 2008

38 Seconds...

... but if you listen to it over and over again, the sound doesn't seem so distorted. This is us playing a Carole King song called 'I Can't Make It Alone'. We're half way through the second set and starting to look at our watches wondering whether it's bedtime. Check out the girl in yellow on the left make what looks like a rude-like gesture!


At 15/2/08 3:33 pm, Blogger Donald said...

..... don't tell us to turn down.I'm sure the rude-like gesture is not in relation to the band's performance - if you look really hard you can see a girlie doing the classic dancing when sitting action - & if you look really really hard you can just about see that there is a guitarist - way to go Bill!


At 23/2/08 5:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the 38 seconds was wonderful........ until I clocked the 'Neil dancing' clip! Laughed so hard - a little bit of pee came out!! Should really post some sort of warning to those with weak bladders, nervous disposition etc etc!!!! See you monday - if I can compose myself long enough! xxxx


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