Saturday, November 29, 2008

Free* Coldplay Ticket

I’ve just realised I have a spare ticket to go and see Coldplay at the SECC (short for ‘Big F#ckoff Cattle Shed’) in Glasgow on Tuesday December 9th. It’s a seated ticket in the front row of the section directly opposite the stage so ideal for someone who, like me, will have had a long hard day at work and really can’t be arsed standing for two hours, no matter how foot-tappin’ the music. Let me know if you’re interested.

*Free if you’re female, hot, open-minded, unrelated to me and very very bendy.


At 29/11/08 9:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does the gig buddy have to be very bendy because you can't even stand at a concert for 2 hours ?

The mind boggles as to what makes you so physically tired working in a bank !

You may guess it's me, Queen of the smart arse remark, but incase not, it is me, and the proof ?

xxxx x

At 29/11/08 11:32 am, Anonymous Jen said...

Working in a bank is hard work and very taxing on the brain.

Leave him alone!

I would love to take your ticket, but I can't get time off work.

Jen [who works in a bank]

At 30/11/08 7:19 am, Blogger Neil said...

You tell her Jen (I nearly said 'you go girl' just then but then realised I'm not Oprah!)... it's hard work battling to save your job while everyone else thinks you took your finger out the dam and caused the economic 'armageddon'. If only we were teachers and could enjoy our six months worth of holidays...


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