Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why I Don't Write Anymore...

24 - The dialogue is awful, the story's the same as the last seven seasons and I keep waiting for Leslie Neilson to appear with some dead pan conversation with Jack Bauer along the lines of, "Manhattan's gonna blow? Surely you can't be serious?" "I AM serious... and don't call me Shirley." I'm only watching to see lovely Renee Walker.
FlashForward - utter p*sh... I'm only watching 'cause the fateful future date is my birthday.
Heroes - gets worse every week... I'm only watching in the hope that little Claire Bear goes on SPRING BREAK WOO HOO with her college 'room mate'.
Damages - I have no idea why I watch this... but I do.
Mad Men - from the makers of The Sopranos, very very cool. Looks great and gets better every year.
Lost - still rivetting, despite the loss of lovely Juliette.
Fringe - Pacey Witter meets Dana Scully, what's not to like?
True Blood - From the makers of Six Feet Under, utter class. Friends don't let friends drink friends.
Dexter - can't wait for season 4.
Burn Notice - makes Miami look cool. And it's funny.
Caprica - from the makers of Battlestar Gallactica, frackin' awesome.
In Treatment - slow burning class.
The Daily Show - consistently outstanding. Funny AND thought provoking.
30 Rock - I love Liz Lemon.
The Office Season 4 - Better than the original? I love Pam... but why are we so far behind the States?
Modern Family - subtly brilliant.
How I Met Your Mother - unfairly compared to Friends and sometimes too clever for it's own good but Barney Stinson is a God.
Cougar Town - Courtney Cox + funny = promising.
...and from the category entitled "It's My Time Of The Month, So Shoot Me"
Desperate Housewives - strangely addictive this year
The Good Wife - running out of patience for Carol Hathaway to show something other than 'Mom Keeping It Together'.
Brothers & Sisters - whiney, whiney, whiney... but it's from the makers of 'thirty something' so I'm hoping Hope will appear sometime soon, hopefully.
Grey's Anatomy - c'mon, it's fantastic... or will be once again if Izzy leaves and never comes back.
Thank God for Tivo.


At 6/4/10 9:26 am, Blogger Lesley said...

Wot, no House?

At 12/4/10 12:12 am, Blogger Neil said...

That's the one with Richard O'Sullivan, right?

At 12/4/10 9:12 pm, Blogger Lena said...

I thought Scrubs might have been in your list....?

I can see now the reason for the lack of posts here!! The only one I share with you is Caprica, and I haven't a bloody clue what it's about. As with Renee, I'm there for gorgeous Eric Stoltz! There's a lot to be desired in redheads that star in duff shows........


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