Friday, February 10, 2006

If You Only Read One Book This Year...

…please make sure it’s NOT the one I’ve just finished. It was called “Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Shit?: The Encyclopedia Of Modern Life” and was heralded as a “very funny, well-informed, belligerent rant of a book that adds up to an excoriating broadside against consumer capitalism…”

Two points of note for the authors:

1) If you set out to write a “very funny” book, it would make sense to check whether you have a sense of humour. You do not.

2) Given point 1, you could have saved some face by including your book IN your book, if you see what I mean. You don’t? Really? Let me spell it out then. Your book was shit. So much so that I’m too embarrassed to give it away to a charity shop to help with their fundraising.

Who says I couldn’t work in the arts section of a classy newspaper swigging red wine and spouting insightful opinions? Which reminds me. I just read an article on the dangers of drinking. Scared the shit out of me! So that’s it - after today, no more fucking reading.


At 10/2/06 12:49 am, Anonymous wendi said...

ha! nice neily

At 10/2/06 12:52 am, Blogger Lesley said...

Talking of swigging red wine. I watched Sideways tonight on your recommendation. Good tip so I'll trust your judgement and steer clear of "Is it just me?". And don't believe anything you read about excessive drinking - take it from a girl who lives in Bordeaux.

At 10/2/06 7:42 am, Blogger carl said...

Do you really have time to 1) read 2) drink 3) shit 4) f--k?

At 10/2/06 8:11 pm, Blogger DC said...


I presume there wasn't any pictures or big writing.



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