Friday, October 27, 2006

Swap Shop

Right then... today I’m on the hunt for a wee favour. I’m looking to borrow a digital video camera next week for a small.. *ahem*.. personal project that I’ll tell you more about on Monday. Ideally, it should be idiot-proof; i.e. not too many buttons, and cheap (if I have to hire it) and easy to connect to a computer.

In return for the borrowing/hire I am willing to swap my Raleigh Chopper bike and my clackers (were they banned in your school too?) which I’m sure, now that I’ve looked at them again, can serve more than their original purpose as an innocent children’s toy. Ladies?

Seriously, if anyone has any contacts and/or resources (Stuart – university supplies? Pooch/Andy – perhaps from your ‘gimp’ room?) to help me out, I’d be very much obliged. Just drop me a line to ‘Top International Televisual Solutions’ at

Cheers and have a nice weekend. Is this when we put the clocks back? If so, I’m going back to 1983!


At 27/10/06 6:06 pm, Blogger DC said...

Have your clackers been stored away for some time?
Is it not better to use them now and again?


At 27/10/06 7:11 pm, Blogger Neil said...

My clackers get a regular workout so don't you worry your stocky little head about that!

At 28/10/06 11:58 pm, Blogger Stuart Sutherland said...

Neil, I may be able to sort you out but I'll need you to prompt me on Tuesday morning - preferably by phone or email at work. Chopper's mine at last. How the f**k did you come to have one any way? Same reason you went on all the school foreign holidays?

At 29/10/06 9:32 pm, Blogger Lena said...

Can't help you on the technical side of things Neil, but I wouldn't mind a shot of them clackers - purely for nostalgia's sake of course! I haven't the foggiest of what else I could be doing with them other than moving my wrist to a speedy rythm for as long as I can and seeing how much pain my knuckles can endure - or in affect go numb. And yes, my headmaster confiscated mine and broke my 10 year old heart!

Anyhow, I wait with bated breath for your 'project' idea to be revealed! Oh - and if you do agree to give me a shot of your clackers you can always use your Chopper to deliver them. Ahem.....!


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