Thursday, October 26, 2006

Weekend Achievements 3

The saga of my autumnal World’s Greatest Uncle Tour 2006 would not be complete without another quick mention of my feisty two and a half year-old nephew Fraser. There was much celebration on Sunday afternoon when he managed to “do wee-wee” STANDING UP for the first time. (Although frankly, I think my first clumsy attempts at using cutlery for the first time later that same afternoon just shaded it.)

Actually, that’s not quite accurate because when I visited Fraser earlier this year, he was running about half dressed as I built him yet another magnificent rail track and got so excited at the magnificence on display that he managed to do wee-wee standing up right there in the living room; on top of the Fat Controller’s head. (To clarify, the Fat Controller is a little model of a much loved children’s character; ergo, the Fat Controller is not ME.) So on Sunday we were celebrating the fact that he managed to perform all the complicated multi-tasking involved in standing up and wee-weeing INTO THE TOILET for the first time.

Sometime later – after he’d calmed down and I’d resorted to eating from a nosebag – I sat him down and quietly explained that when he grows up and turns forty, he will once again discover the simple majesty and sweet merciful relief of peeing into a toilet SITTING DOWN. As you can see from the photo below, (and yes, I only own one t-shirt) he wasn’t too impressed with this, on-the-face-of-it, backward evolutionary step. He’ll learn.


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