Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy New Year!

So… did you have a nice Christmas? Eat too much? Have a drink or ten? Watch ‘Cars’ on dvd 29 times? Get endless joy from watching your nephews and niece playing / eating / arguing together? Receive a Starbucks card from your Secret Santa? (Superb!) Or the new Take That cd? (Surprisingly good!) Or socks with your name on them? (Even better!) Avoid going outside on Hogmany? Spend a lot of time wearing your dressing gown? Watch Jenny Agutter in ‘The Railway Children’? (“Daddy, my daddy!” Sniff.) Have a surreal conversation with a close friend (remaining forever nameless) about the advantages of shaving your testicles? Have not the slightest notion to turn on your computer never mind actually write something? Get berated in the pub by your employed friends for not giving them something to read in the office when they log on in the morning whilst scratching their arses and sipping their coffee? Catch a nasty bug which meant you were puking and sh#tting for four days but patted yourself on the back that you somehow made it through a gig with your cousin without hurling over the front three rows only to endure a ‘projectiling incident’ outside in the car park moments later? Give eternal thanks that some close and valued family and friends – including at least 43 girls with whom you went to High School and who haven’t changed one bit in 24 years apart from some exciting developments in the… ahem… ‘upper body’ region – actually turned up to see your gig?

You DID? Wow, that’s spooky, me too. It was fun wasn’t it? Happy New Year!


At 8/1/07 9:37 pm, Blogger Lena said...

Hey - you're back! I had almost as identical a time over the festivities! Except no-one shaved anything in the lower regions but there was an interesting debate on whether a kick in the balls was a worse pain than giving birth!

Sorry it couldn't have been 44 girls who went to High School with you (that haven't changed one bit in 24 years!) but I promise I tried! *sniff*. How on earth you know that my boobs have got bigger, though, is a mystery! But a crowd of 43 females is nothing to be ashamed of! If there's a next time, I'll make it then! Promise!

At 9/1/07 7:36 am, Blogger Tom Darby said...

See Neil...there is a Santa Claus!


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