Saturday, November 25, 2006

The One With No Title

Do you write a blog, have five minutes to spare and fancy winning a million* pounds?

What am I saying… if you write a blog, OF COURSE you’ve got five minutes to spare. I mean, you’ve already decided to switch on your computer and ignore the cries of your starving children / pets / grandparents / dungeons & dragons characters locked in the basement while you read/write about cats, relationships, family, work, in-growing toenails, dungeons & dragons, the weather, etc.

So why not take a moment and help out a girl with a nice-sounding Scottish (Irish?) name by clicking here and completing her blogging survey. Go on… you might as well… ‘cause it’s pissing down outside and has been for what seems like weeks now, probably due to conflicting autumnal pressure fronts moving south from the Arctic and north from the Caribbean and colliding forty miles from the coast, west of Glasgow.

*For a chance of winning a million pounds, buy a lottery ticket.


At 27/11/06 8:16 pm, Blogger Lena said...

Well the kids have called Childline and reported me for severe neglect but I took the survey anyhow!


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