Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blogathon Over And Out

So how was it for YOU? Are you tired after 31 days NON-STOP? Reading this p#sh every day for a whole month? Or is this the first time you’ve ever been here and you’ve already made up your mind not to read the next paragraph? In case I start telling you about my cat? Or my new hat? Or my dapper cravat? (Can you tell I own a rhyming dictionary?)

So many questions... but anyway, enough already. I’m off to find rock ‘n roll fame so have fun while I’m away and I’ll see you both next month. Maybe.

N x


At 31/10/06 3:21 am, Blogger Kell said...

What, you can't multitask? No posts because you're having the time of your life making music? Well, fine. Be that way.

Have fun, btw. I hope you can get a video camera cuz I'd love to see the show since I can't be there.

At 31/10/06 9:30 am, Blogger Neil said...

I've got enough worries wondering if the places I'm visiting have electricity!

At 31/10/06 1:12 pm, Anonymous Foxy said...

If no electricity available you could always improvise - I do!

You looking for backing singers? I've had numerous comments re my vocal range.

At 1/11/06 9:21 am, Blogger Neil said...

If you have the tonsils, I can make sure they get tickled.

At 1/11/06 1:07 pm, Anonymous foxy said...

When do rehearsals start?

At 1/11/06 8:24 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Whenever you're ready.

At 1/11/06 10:12 pm, Blogger Lena said...

Oi! I like cats, hats and dapper cravats, so you won't get rid of me THAT easily!

Was it a whole non-stop month? And I only made annoying comments a few times? See - you're not as p#sh as you try to make out!

Seriously though, I won't make the shows either but do try to give us a few songs from the dates if you can. I've actually heard you sing many many moons ago when you were in a band and I ashamedly can't remember what you were called but you were definitely the lead singer and didn't have a goatee in them days! You were alright, too!

At 2/11/06 1:19 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Aw shucks Lena, thanks very much. The band was called The Signals and they may be back on the road again some time this decade! Meanwhile, full gig reports / set lists / videos? next week.

At 5/11/06 2:31 am, Blogger Lena said...

Try not to make The Signals return too much into the decade as I'm getting too old be a groupie!

Actually I can remember in the middle of one of your own songs, you added a couple of lines from Andrew Gold's 'Never Let Her Slip Away' and then ventured back into your own lyrics. I was rather impressed by that little touch. Anyway, I won't inflate your head any more.....enjoy your gigs and see you soon.

At 5/11/06 9:25 pm, Anonymous deborah said...

Interesting idea, Neil, but very boring. I'm looking forward to you/your getting back to normal.
i.e. golf


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