Monday, November 13, 2006

I Could Do That

A cousin of mine (I have around 23 in total - we were a very close knit family growing up in the backwoods of Louisiana) has one of my ideal jobs working as a sub editor for a newspaper in London. He gets to spend all day correcting really dead bad grammar ‘n aw that and thinking up snappy headlines to showcase the important and trivial stories of the day.

As smart and as funny as he is (and he has both qualities in spades) even he would’ve done well to come up with this little sarcastic turn of phrase which made me laugh out loud when I read it in Saturday’s edition of The Scotsman.

“World Rocks On Axis As Ferguson Praises Referee”

If you know football, you’ll know why this is funny. If you don’t, then I apologise because to explain why it’s funny would render it humourless immediately.


At 12/11/06 9:57 pm, Blogger Kell said...

Hey, I lived in Lousiana, and well, they resemble that remark.

Sorry I don't get the joke. I'm a girl and I'm American. I have a feeling that's two strikes against me.

At 13/11/06 9:46 pm, Blogger DC said...

Neil, Why is there a advert for McFly Live on your site? Are you trying( again) to get down with the kids - or is it something beyond your control?
Let's Rock!


At 14/11/06 7:47 pm, Anonymous Deborah said...

At least you know that some of us won't understand.

Tell me the truth, Neil. You like football as well as golf? This might be the end of the beginning of notre grande passion, or vice versa, the beginning of the end ...

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that you get that sub editor job somewhere.

At 14/11/06 8:28 pm, Anonymous Karen Mc Cullagh said...

LoL ...Fergie praising a referee....a unique moment!

At 14/11/06 8:29 pm, Anonymous Karen Mc Cullagh said...

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At 16/11/06 2:45 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Kell - Being an American girl is very much two big plusses for me.

DC - Whadya mean 'trying' dude?

Deborah - I do like football BUT NOT AS MUCH AS golf. And talk some more of that Eurospeak...

At 18/11/06 9:01 pm, Anonymous deborah said...

All is forgiven, NOT AS MUCH AS has put you back at the top of my list.

I am trying to decide if Lara is worthy of winning in Hong Kong. Being in love with all the golfers playing this week does not make things easier. I suffer for Monty and root for Campbell then wish at least one of the Frenchmen could come out on top.

At 19/11/06 4:19 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Top of your list of what? And Lara looked like a worthy winner. But what about Padraig staring down the Tiger? Absolutely stunning, gritty victory!

At 20/11/06 7:29 am, Anonymous deborah said...

Top of my list of witty bloggers, of course!

Yes, I loved that remark Padraig made :
... sometimes fortune favours the brave.

Wish I could have seen the last few holes, and the Y-shaped tree story sounds like the shot of the year!

The televison coverage over here was Hong Kong only but maybe they will do a highlights from Japan. That J reminds me of Jimenez, er, back to my morning coffee ...


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