Saturday, November 04, 2006

Breaking News...

The management company of top international pub rock sensations The Finn Cousins announced last night that today’s special Takin’-It-To-The-Kids afternoon show (all proceeds going to Great Ormond Street Hospital) at The Two Boats, Long Itchington near Southam has been cancelled. Details are sparse about the exact reason for the cancellation but it’s rumoured that Farquhar, the younger of the two cousins, had some serious issues with “draggin ma hairy erse oota ma pit in the middle o' the f#cking day for some pishy kids show”.

Elder cousin Findlay assured fans in a warm and polite manner that the gig would be rescheduled but full refunds are now available if ticket holders contact original sellers and successfully complete a thirty minute telephone questionnaire on the technical specifications of the Millennium Falcon.

The concluding date of the record breaking ‘Takin’ It To The People Of A Little Corner of Warwickshire Tour’ will take place tonight at The Bridge, Napton on the Hill, near Southam as planned.


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