Monday, November 06, 2006

Since You Asked...

…or more specifically, since Lena asked, here’s a taste of what the record-breaking audiences enjoyed during The Finn Cousins tour last week. From having only half a dozen songs on Wednesday morning, we were smugly quite pleased with ourselves for learning enough to fill a couple of sets by Thursday night. (I always knew my ‘1001 Great Busking Songs’ book would come in handy some day.)

Anyway, here are the set lists we wrote out and most of these songs were played every night. Optional additions – depending on audience mood / requests / confidence / alcohol consumption / general apathy / flying tumblers / strength of protective chicken wire – that received at least one playing are noted further down.

Set 1
Every Night – Paul McCartney
Back In The USSR – The Beatles
(spot the emerging pattern)
It’s Only Natural – Crowded House
The Boxer – Simon & Garfunkel
Baby’s In Black – The Beatles
(got it yet?)
Strong Enough – Sheryl Crow
The Blower’s Daughter – Damien Rice
Pissing In The Wind – Badly Drawn Boy
Run – Snow Patrol
Things We Said Today – The Beatles
(got it NOW?)

Set 2
Mrs Robinson – Simon & Garfunkel
Fall At Your Feet – Crowded House
Hide Your Love Away – The Beatles
Cannonball – Damien Rice
Silver Lining – David Gray
Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
Spitting Games – Snow Patrol
Stand By Me – Ben E. King
Oliver’s Army – Elvis Costello
Two Of Us / Ob-La-Di – The Beatles
Better Be Home Soon – Crowded House

May You Never – John Martyn
You Do Something To Me – Paul Weller
King Of The Swingers / Bear Necessities – From The Jungle Book
(Don’t ask!)
Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

The exciting news for those of you who chose instead to curl up in front of 'The X-Factor' is that video footage of the tour is apparently ‘in the can’. Once the hysterical stadium roars have been added, the whole package will be available in time for Christmas. Order now to avoid disappointment.

And Deborah, since you asked (sort of), after finishing the gig and ‘looking after’ our groupies on Saturday, I got in the car at midnight somewhere south of Birmingham and drove eight hours through the night so I could make a 9.30 tee time in Fife yesterday morning with my oldest friends. The Devlin course at St. Andrews Bay has gone downhill a bit since some American company took over the hotel but there’s nothing to make you feel more alive and awake than walking five hours around a Scottish golf course in November in a force ten gale. Brilliant, brilliant stuff. Mind you, the twelve hours sleep I had last night weren’t bad either!


At 6/11/06 1:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wot no groupies any other night ? I can't believe it !!!!

Me thinks you are being too modest.

TB xxx

At 6/11/06 2:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait till the next gig.

I don't like being called a groupie though!

At 6/11/06 2:26 pm, Anonymous Foxy said...

I thought you were saving yourself for me????

At 6/11/06 2:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

very disappointed in being replaced by the sat night girl but v glad you didn't call me a groupie

TB xxx

At 6/11/06 3:56 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Ladies, ladies (if indeed you ARE ladies?)... retract your nails... (although if you'd like to wrestle in a tub of jelly, that'd be cool!) ... there were no Saturday night groupies... I made it up for comic effect. Obviously. No groupies the night before a big golf match is my motto. Messes with your head. And your back. And ultimately your swing.

At 6/11/06 4:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well recovered

TB xxx

At 6/11/06 4:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

had a great time at Saturday night's 'gay bar'! will spread the news next time you're doing the 'Warwickshire tour'

At 6/11/06 5:00 pm, Anonymous Hannah said...

Adding on from 'anon''s post.... I really, really enjoyed hearing a couple of the Beatles songs over the phone!:-) Hope you come back soon!

At 6/11/06 6:11 pm, Anonymous Deborah said...

Very evocative! I've never been to Fife and imagine it to be like Carnoustie which I saw on tv when van de Velde lost the Open.

Now that you are gaining pop star status you'll be having less time to play golf. Padraig Harrington is a multi-millionaire, surely there must be money to be made connected with these golfers ...


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