Friday, December 15, 2006

I Just Wanna Be...

… (bup-ba-dada, bup-bup…) your teddy bear.

This week, I have mostly been in Milan (did I mention I was going to Italy?) which I’ll tell you about next week once I’ve finished getting all the pizza stains out my beard. But last week, more importantly, I was down south in England at my sister’s to see my nephew Tommy’s starring performance in his nursery Christmas show, ‘All About Christmas’.

For those of you unfamiliar with the plot, a solitary little teddy bear wakes at the foot of the Christmas tree and learns all about Christmas (see what they did there?) from a variety of time-travelling, musical characters including Father Christmas, some angels, a fairy or two, a wise man or three, assorted mince pies and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Playing the crucial, pivotal role of Teddy, Tommy brought a vulnerable gravitas and depth of emotion to the part seldom seen in nursery performances and he held the whole production together when less accomplished actors (so-called) dried up under the white heat of the spotlights. People are still talking about his phenomenal improvisation skills when, sensing some anguish among the cast, he advised Mince Pie No.3 to “go and use the toilet if you need a wee.”

After the last of the bows and the curtain calls were completed, we made our way home and decided, since it was still too early to start drinking, to play a quick game of Who’s The Cutest Teddy Bear Of Them All. Now you too can play so cast your votes in the usual manner and pretend there’s a big prize on offer if your choice matches that of the judges.

So is it…

Teddy No.1: My sister Rona who seems to be saying, “Look, you made me cock my head to the side now just hurry up and take the effin photo. And are you sure it’s too early to start drinking?”

Teddy No.2: Rona’s ‘special needs’ husband Al. Sad really.

Teddy No.3: Your friendly neighbourhood blogger with the facial hair to match.

Teddy No.4: Tommy, the original and still the best?

The choice is yours.


At 15/12/06 9:44 pm, Blogger Betty said...

Tommy is quite the little prodigy, isn't he? Cute, too. He gets my vote.

At 16/12/06 1:12 am, Blogger DC said...

I presume your Teddy Bear outfit was a smaller size than the others?

At 16/12/06 9:13 pm, Blogger Kell said...

If I say I vote for our favorite blogger with facial hair, do I get a bigger prize? No? OK then, yeah, I think Tommy is a cutie.

Can't wait to read about your trip to Milan

At 17/12/06 10:48 pm, Blogger Lesley said...

That's frightening.

At 18/12/06 10:22 am, Anonymous deborah said...

My vote goes to Teddy number 2. A comedian in the making!

At 18/12/06 10:36 am, Blogger Neil said...

Deborah - That was freaky... your comment arrived in my in-box AT THE EXACT MOMENT I was listening to your posh BBC accent. Not sure what happened towards the end of your recording but it sounded like you were trying to talk with your mouth full... tut, tut

At 18/12/06 5:02 pm, Anonymous deborah said...

In fact I was just doing my brilliant impersonation of an old Etonian ... which is more the less the same as eating with mouth full!

PS perché Milano?


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