Friday, August 17, 2007

Something For The Weekend 29

Dave… apologies… but I’ve got a bit too much going on at the moment so you’re gonna have to rely on other sources to help find you something to do this weekend. I think there are a few shows happening in town though if that’s any help?

Mind you, I did go and see ‘Evan Almighty’ last weekend and it was okay… ish. Unfortunately I had my usual ten-minute nap somewhere in the middle so I missed the crucial scenes where they undoubtedly explained why two polar bears hiked all the way from the North Pole to Virginia to board an ark which had been constructed to deal with a local flood that impacted, at most, a fifty square mile radius. Morgan Freeman really doth moveth in mysterious ways.

Oh, and I also went to see ‘Transformers’ during the week when I was stuck in the middle of t’Yorkshire by myself with no whippet of my own to take for a walk. That director Michael Bay really likes blowing things up so it was all a bit noisy and so forth for me. I also got a bit confused as to which of the machines were goodies and baddies and, indeed, why they were all fighting in the first place, but that was probably because there was a really hot girl in every scene distracting my attention. Now was she the one that ‘transformed’ into a Hummer? Or is that a different movie I’m thinking of?


At 17/8/07 7:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


No need to apologise - two concise movie reviews is much appreciated. 'Tis no fun being so busy and not getting time to work on your ass-grooves on the sofa. You seem to be bearing up well though. Perhaps a pint at some point is in order. Although I know you can't organise a 'sponny' so I'll leave it until the last minute for some point in the near future. I have many a new cd (not tapes - did you get your technology issue resolved?) for you - these will no doubt work their way to you through the 'system'.

Cheers the now


At 19/8/07 6:33 am, Blogger Lena said...

An okay....ish film? That'll be one so far this year!


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