Friday, July 20, 2007

Something For The Weekend 25


Been travelling down south a bit this week… so very tired… and grumpy. Not quite sure how that happened because people in London are usually so warm and pleasant and have a generosity of spirit that should’ve left its indelible mark on me. And of course flying with Easyjet is a seamless travel experience designed to leave you feeling that you’d like to spend the rest of your days in a departure lounge enjoying their revolutionary No-Seat-Ignore-The-Announcements-Rush-The-Gate™ boarding system. Genius.

Anyway, in coming weeks I’ll have some travel tips for you in case you and your “girlfriend” ever have a fight and you need to book a last minute city break to keep on “her” good side and ensure yourself continued access to quality hoggins. I’ve also rediscovered some classic music which I’ll probably have to explain in the same simple terms as that time when you asked me if Hipsway was some funky new dance move.

Meantime, “Scrubs” is thankfully back on TV, the new Crowded House album is quite good and you were right to mercilessly dump me when I asked if you wanted to go and see the new Harry Potter movie. It was mince.

Cheers, Edge


At 22/7/07 9:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least the Simpson's is out soon! It can't fail. Was at the Open today. How good was that?! Fair welling up when Harrington won so I was. At least you'll have the new Harry Potter book to keep you amused. I discovered Lyn is a huge fan. Was in Asda at midnight on Friday so she could get the book for a fiver. It was complete chaos and I do not recommend it. I was only there acting as a bodyguard. Catch up soon dude. Cheers. Dave

At 23/7/07 1:56 pm, Blogger Kell said...

I can't believe I wasted 2 1/2 hours to go see the latest HP movie this weekend when I could have been finishing the book. Oh well. There's always the 6th movie.

At 24/7/07 10:12 pm, Blogger Peggy said...

The HP movie wasn't as bad as all that, but I'm just biding my time until Evan Almighty comes to the big screen.

I'll probably go to see The Simpson's Movie too. There are advantages of having a teenager in the house. bIts a very good excuse to see brainless movies!!!


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