Friday, June 08, 2007

Something For The Weekend 21

Hey Dave… this week I have mostly been in a lovely, quaint place called Yorkshire which has lovely, quaint people who called me “love” all the time (“Yes love.” No love.” Pint love?” “Get yer hands off me whippet love.”) and who gave me many fine cultural recommendations, three of which I now pass on to you with great enthusiasm.

In the world of art, keep your eyes peeled for some racy new “enfant terrible” (from the French “enfant” meaning “child” and “terrible” meaning “hoodie-wearin’ graffiti-scrawlin'”) called Lowry who’s apparently doing things with matchstick men that you and I can only dream about. The Huddersfield Courier predicts he’ll sweep over the Pennines to unveil his controversial exhibition at the City Halls sometime in the autumn.

The Yorkshirers are also getting into a bit of a frenzy about an exciting new pop duo called Wham who, they informed me, have just released a catchy number entitled ‘Club Tropicana’ which is tipped to be this summer’s smash hit on the dancefloor at Jumpin’ Jaks, top-rated Leeds nightclub.

Think your neat, short-cropped, Brad Pitt hairstyle is still gonna cut it in 2008 Dave? Think again, because if, come Christmas, you’re not growing it long down the back like the fine fellows of Halifax, then it’s back to the social scrapheap for you ma boy.

So get thee down t’Dales with all possible haste young man… it’s an entirely different kind of culture altogether…

All: “…it’s an entirely different kind of culture.” ©Airplane 1980


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