Friday, May 25, 2007

Something For The Weekend 19

Dave, Dave, Dave… there you are, sitting at home with your wee pudgy face still trippin’ you because Spiderman 3 wasn’t any good and you’ve logged on here in the forlorn hope that I’ll recommend something fun for you to do this holiday weekend so that your life retains some semblance of purpose and meaning.

The best thing you could do, of course, is hop a flight to Vancouver (that’s in Canada; which is a bit further west than Bathgate) and try and scalp a ticket for the first night of The Police’s World Tour. Despite what your pal Blousie says (and let’s face it, with a name like Blousie how reliable is his opinion gonna be on anything? Other than home furnishings?) The Police are so totally not pish and would be well worth the thousands of pounds and logistical travel nightmares it would take to see them on Sunday. And even if you couldn’t get your frisky wee hands on a ticket, Canada also has Mounties.

I would jump at the chance of making the trip myself (for the gig, not the besaddled law enforcers) but three girls have gently persuaded me (and by “persuaded” I mean “forced at gunpoint”) to go and see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie on Saturday night. This is troubling because…

1. I thought the first Pirates film was one of the worst films I’d ever seen; I saw better acting from the animatronic characters in the original Disney theme ride.
2. I haven’t seen the second Pirates film but apparently I’m being “gently persuaded” to view the dvd later tonight.
3. It doesn’t star Gillian Anderson.

Thankfully I’ve got pizza on Friday, a fry-up on Sunday and golf on Monday to retrieve some crumb of fun from what is sure to be a downright miserable three-day weekend. On that bombshell, let’s just hope I can power through and endure the whole going-to-the-movies-with-three-women-and-having-my-Sunday-breakfast-made-for-me fiasco.

Hope you find something fun to do Dave… which doesn’t mean you can jump out your bedroom window again wearing your Spiderman suit. For one thing, it does not have “totally special flying powers ‘n aw that like”. And for another, you live in a third floor flat.


At 25/5/07 1:00 am, Blogger Lena said...

I went to see Pirates last night with three girls too, it's not much unlike the 1&2 but with more water and Jack Sparrow duplicates! You'll see what I mean! Chin up - it's only about 3 hours long!

At 26/5/07 10:49 am, Blogger Sporran Tickler said...

you talk rubbish! I went to see POTC with you when it first came out and you liked it.
I know these blog things lend themselves to creative licence but downright fibs are shocking.
Considering that you are a Gillian Anderson fan and that the "truth is out there" I find your hypocrisy disappointing!
Apart from that your blog is magic

At 26/5/07 5:19 pm, Blogger Neil said...

I liked going to see it with you because of all the "sporran" tickling. The film was a pile of pish. As was the the 2nd one I watched last night. Tosh.

At 28/5/07 10:34 pm, Anonymous Blousie said...

So call the Police crap (and they are/were) and suddenly I'm just Dave's pal and not yours anymore? I'm hurt. Might get over it tho' if you finish the Form Guide by the end of May.


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At 30/5/07 8:40 pm, Anonymous Big Blogger said...



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