Friday, June 15, 2007

The Signals Are Back... DEFINITELY!

The rumblings started back in April 2005 during this hastily arranged press conference and a month later came rumours of sporadic sightings in the UFO capital of Scotland. But now, barring any unforeseen scheduling clashes with PTA meetings or Sudoku Club, the rock ‘n roll event of the decade is about to take place.

The Signals, central Scotland’s finest exponents of classic 80s pub rock (“I got my first real six-string…”) are about to take the stage again for their first live public performance in four… eh… no, hang on… it’s more like si… holy sh.. almost EIGHT years. The details are:

Friday July 27th
The Glen Village Social Club, Falkirk (southern outskirts)
Tickets: £3.00

The whole event is being organised by Lena (she’s already mentioned it here and here) and is a charity gig for the CLIC Sargent Kids With Cancer Appeal. Lena’s son’s band, The Valentines, plus a few others, are also playing at the event so our lawyers are currently negotiating with Lena’s lawyers as to who gets top billing. I’m sure the negotiations will go smoothly although if I don’t get blue Smarties in my dressing room there’s gonna be trouble.

Rehearsals begin for The Signals next Wednesday where we’ll attempt to re-learn half a dozen songs and, if time allows, we may even try and find someone who can teach us the fabled B7 chord. I’ll be pretty busy the rest of the week, so I’m going to leave this entry at the top of the blog for a week to give you all plenty of time to cancel any plans you might have for July 27th and let me know how many tickets you’d like. Email me if you like. Capacity at the venue is an intimate 200 or so and tickets are expected to sell fast so book early to avoid disappointment. C’mon… you know you want to… and it’s for the kids.


At 17/6/07 1:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool - I'll be up for that dude as I'm sure a few of the guys will be. Played at that golf pub thing on Friday. It was ok. Quite dear. Played it after I had played Kingsknowe which probably wasn't the best as nothing beats the real thing. Hope thigs good with yourself and the golf is in top shape for the Open! Cheers


At 17/6/07 9:03 pm, Blogger Kell said...

Sounds like a totally awesome time. Post the set when you decide and I can live vicariously through yours and Lena's posts.

And BTW, sorry about Big Blogger thing. I hadn't read too much more, but enough to know it's their loss and you're better off.

At 18/6/07 9:14 pm, Blogger Lena said...

Yeah, I agree Kell. I tried to follow the ruddy thing. One or two have worthy blogs but with eejits like Tippler it got boring. I liked Penfold though, but it was mainly a big yawn - Neil's better out!

Talking of himself - Oi Mister! Do you know how long it took me to pick out just the blue smarties from the pic 'n' mix in Woolies? The security guard in there was eyeing me up something rotten! TUT!

At 19/6/07 12:20 am, Blogger Neil said...

Dave - get the boys organised; if nothing else, it'll be loud!

Kell - the set will be short and will mainly be our own songs I think... depends on how many we remember. If I ever get MySpace working I'll upload some stuff.

Lena - The whole BB thing was very boring. I didn't know I was out until Kell told me! And your Woolies experience is why you need a good lawyer!!


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