Friday, December 19, 2008

Part Time Seasonal Vacancies

I have stuff I’ve been meaning to tell you but I’ve honestly had no time to scratch my arse in the last two weeks, never mind write something and then check it forty-eight times for spelling, grammar and punctuation. (48’s the law, right?) So, in the spirit of seasonal somethingorother, how would you like to create something for this site? Be a guest writer/columnist? It can be about anything you want, be any length you want, include pictures or photos if you want and get this… it doesn’t even have to have anything about me in it, although obviously any which describe me as an expert sibling / co-worker / eater / singer / athlete / lover may receive special attention together with some kind of coupon arrangement… for an hour of “Neil-love” perhaps. I know you’re probably very busy too but if you have something to submit, you can find my email address through the ‘View My Complete Profile’ link on the right hand side of this page. And hurry, I’m obviously too busy to create fresh paragraphs and therefore in dire need of assistance.


At 19/12/08 3:17 pm, Anonymous WW said...

what's keeping you so busy neily? huh? huh? huh?

At 19/12/08 11:22 pm, Blogger Donald said...

Guest writer, huh?

I would suggest someone with a story to tell- perhaps someone who features in some yet to be disclosed work you've recently been doing/uncovering.

Ladies'n'genlemen, whould you please welcome ,( with his band ?), Mr A.......

BTW I was at my work's night out - what a lot of shite - apart from the worst " Cheese & Biscuits" you could possibly imagine , we had some jumped up little prick who looked like Ben Stiller doing versions of West end Musicals which including shouting " Come-on!!!!"," Let Me Here You !!!" every 30 seconds & you wonder why people drink so much at these things. It was so bad I left & kept council with a Peroni tilll it had nearly finished.


At 19/12/08 11:27 pm, Blogger Neil said...

WW - you know how it is... Work and Women...

Donald - Merry Christmas mate. Are you giving 'ole Bob Cratchett a half-day on the 25th?


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