Sunday, December 07, 2008

Happy (40th) Birthday Rona & Keith

Today is the 40th birthday of my wee sister and Rona and my wee brother Keith. They’re twins. Cute huh? At least I think they’re 40. Could be my Whatshisnames Disease is taking a turn for the worst because the last time I saw Rona’s little son Tommy during the summer he very firmly but politely informed me that his mummy is only 29 years old.

Today, Keith is celebrating across the ocean in Dallas Texas, far away from the clumsy reach of the UK postal service so fingers crossed that the brand new set of expensive golf clubs I bought for him manage to find their way there in one piece. Rona is home in Scotland for a few days and was out in Edinburgh last night so I’m just about to go through there and scrape her off Princes Street before taking her to visit her parents in darkest Fife. I really hope she like the Barbie Diamond Castle and Flying Horse I got her.

If you’d like to read about my first joyous and emotional encounter with The Twinnies, you can click on all these red words that are underlined and jump back a few blog years for the full story.

On a related matter, I’m sure like me you often spend many a long winter’s evening pondering exactly what kind of algorithm Facebook use to constantly refresh and display six of your ‘friends’ down the left hand side of your home page. For instance, why oh why do some people seem to be there all the time whilst others never make an appearance at all?

There’s a particular sequence of ‘friends’ for which I’m always on the lookout and will only speak about if it ever occurs (maybe) but until then, here’s what I saw earlier today when I logged on to spread some birthday cheer… all three of my siblings together in the one collection! What are the odds of that happening today of all days? It’s not like I have so much time on my hands that I constantly sit at home and hit the ‘refresh’ button for hours on end... honest.


At 8/12/08 5:47 pm, Anonymous WW said...

you're so amuzing neily

At 8/12/08 11:37 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Thank you. If only I'd been able to come over to Texas for my brother's birthday... who knows what might've happened...

At 9/12/08 6:10 pm, Anonymous ww said...

yeah, who knows...ha ha...are you drunk again neily?

At 10/12/08 9:24 pm, Blogger Kell said...

Happy Birthday to your brother and sister. That's the cutest picture.

Bowing to peer pressure, I set up a Facebook page. No one told me to not put your high school on the page or you'll get friend requests from people you don't remember because you've successfully blocked out that time in your life *taking a breath* But I hate to be rude, so they are now my "friends." I'm thinking of deleting it and starting over with a whole new name.

At 19/12/08 11:24 pm, Blogger Donald said...

Belated Birtday wishes to the twins



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