Monday, August 20, 2007

The Crucible

Received in the post this morning…

Dear Mr Suderlang (oops… bad start!)

You are invited to have a say on things that affect your life by becoming a member of the West Lothian Citizens’ Panel.

The Citizens Panel is a way for “local people” to give their views on services in their area, and to influence decision makers. The enclosed leaflet gives more information…”

…but nowhere in the leaflet could I find the section on when and where the monthly witch-burnings take place. So I extinguished my flaming torch, put down my pitch fork and went back to bed.


At 21/8/07 4:59 am, Blogger Kell said...

Is "local people" a euphemism for the "little people"? I notice you only give your views and influence decision makers. Where's the power in that?

At 21/8/07 7:42 am, Blogger Neil said...

EXACTLY! If nothing else, membership of a Citizens' Panel should allow me to slap scarlet letters on the skimpy clothing of any deserving bucksome wench whenever I damn well feel like it. Ppfff... local politics just isn't what it used to be..


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