Monday, February 28, 2011

February... If I Was On Twitter

Up early this morning to register for the Chicago Marathon on October 9th. Paid $170 for the privilege. That better include pizza!
Barney's Version, good. Sideways, great. John Adams, brilliant. 30 Rock, awesome. Paul Giamatti is the greatest actor working today.
Never a chore to strip to your grape smugglers in the office in the middle of the work day and have a young woman rub her hands all over you.
Always a chore to get the 6.35am flight to London… on a frickin’ Friday. Still, I get to see my nephew and niece tonight.
Just watched Toy Story 3 with Tommy and Amy. They never batted an eyelid during the last 15 minutes. I was in a bit of a state.
The gym is still f*****g mobbed with New Year Resolution fatties. When exactly will they lose their resolve and go on a Happy Meal Hunt?
5 weeks till the 1st gig of the year and The Signals are sounding frickin’ awesome in rehearsal. Tea and Hobnobs are nice too. Rock ‘n roll!
Stopped smoking today.
‘The Fighter’ is great, as are Mark Whalberg and Christian Bale, but Amy Adams is very special. Reminds me of someone. So I totally would…
‘Work’ from home to pack my holiday pants, watch ‘Loose Women’ at the gym and get a blood pressure check at the doctors. It was high!
Off to Spain with Chomp, Pooch and Pooch Senior for a long weekend of golf. Up at 6:30am, get to bed at 2am, pished. Result!
Great golf day. Sun shining in a clear blue sky. Shoot 76 and win 7&5.
What is it with the Spanish and f***ing goat’s cheese? ENOUGH!
By far the best thing about 'True Grit' is the dialogue. "You give out very little sugar with your pronouncements." Poetry.
Round at Dave’s tonight to eat nachos, talk golf trips, play poker and lose money.
@GillianAnderson Restraining order? Was that really necessary? After everything we’ve shared together? In my mind.
Stopped smoking (again) today.
Doug: “I''ve almost finished writing a new song for the band." Band (hot tea now running down their noses): “But you're the drummer!"
‘Paul’ is quite a funny film. Just not funny enough. The girl’s pretty cute though.
Exciting new musical duo The Dixie Chaps rehearse their inimitable Americanafolkcountryrock stylings ahead of their first ever gig in April.
Tried a 'sprint' from the car park to the door of the office to avoid the rain. Next time I'm choosing 'get wet' instead of 'cough up lung'.
“Do you have Bullseye from Toy Story?” “Sorry sir, we don’t.” “How about those Tron suits in adult sizes?” “We’re closing now sir.”
Stunning golf day at Dundonald near Troon. Weather-wise.
If you watch '127 Hours' backwards, it's an uplifting story about a disabled man who finds an arm in the desert.