Monday, January 14, 2008

Many Happy... etc.

This blog is three years old today and quite frankly, I’m relieved that the “terrible twos” are over and done with. Many’s the time over the past twelve months when I’ve come home from work/job centre after a hard day’s graft/coffee-drinking to find the little bastard screaming his (he’s a ‘he’) head off at me for some attention when all I really want to do is lock him in the sound-proof basement, unplugged with nothing but his vivid imagination and the rats for company. (Never did me any h-h-h-harm when I was 2.)

It was easy in the early days after he was born when we both lived in the sun-kissed paradise of Key West, him getting fed every five hours or so and then sleeping and me getting fed every five hours or so and then sleeping. But now we’re in the darkest, coldest, wettest (seemingly) country in the world and I fear our carefree days of unbounded joy and innocence are long gone. Pretty soon he’ll be going off to school/coal mines to get an education/start paying his way so I guess I should cherish the happy days when I happen to stumble across them.

He’s too moody today to tell you himself so I’ll take a quick moment to thank anyone who’s ever dropped by this way for a quick read/completely by accident. Your loyal patronage/random visit is much appreciated even though I probably don’t know who you are due to my lack of knowledge regarding stat counters and RSS feeds and Beta video recorders and the like. And a special thanks to my good friend who sent me a text today prompting me to write this birthday message even though it goes against all of my better instincts to write TWO POSTS IN A WEEK!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Something For The Weekend 35

Dear Dave,

How are you mate? Happy New Year… although how much does January suck?!?

Do you realise that it’s a year to the day (almost) since we started this insightful “Something For The…” feature after you accosted me in the pub demanding that I enrich your world with recommendations of a cultural nature, although I think your exact words were something like “Oi Edge... hic... gonnae writing do more by the way an’ aw tha’…” (If you want to check what was really said, you can click on your little pink name at the top of the page.)

Back in January ‘07, I was drifting through life wondering how much time I might have squandered on trivial things, how many opportunities I might have missed and not having an earthly clue about what I wanted to do or where I was going, but things have certainly changed since then. Now it’s 2008.

I’d love to tell you that I’ve planned an exciting weekend of museum visits and pizza sampling but I’m expecting a “package” to arrive from our “mutual friend” through the post tomorrow filled with some “creatively-acquired” dvd and cd outputage, so I think I might well be remaining ensconced in my pyjamas for the duration. Besides, I’ve got some serious guitar-pickin’ to practice since it’s only four short weeks now until The Signals make their “triumphant hometown return”, revisiting a pub called Behind The Wall on February 8th in our old home town of Falkirk. Triumphantly.

I’ll obviously be writing more nearer the time about what some pundits* are already calling “the gig of the decade” with behind the scenes snippets such as rehearsal gossip, tour dietary requirements and what the band might be wearing on the night. I don’t want to say too much just now but I can reveal than one band member** who plays the bass is considering the risqué ensemble of “gay Elvis t-shirt” and “pork-pie hat”. Let’s just hope he remembers trousers also.

And here’s an exclusive eavesdrop of sorts into the decadent shenanigans that the band get up to during rehearsals, pushing excesses to the limit and living every day like it might be their last. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you… that really is the entire rhythm section eating a hearty broth of winter vegetables WHILST IT’S STILL BOILING HOT! Rock ‘n roll!

So have a pleasant weekend Dave, avoid the inclement weather, cuddle up to someone close if you’re one of the lucky ones and I’ll catch up with you again soon.

Cheers, Edge

*Members of our family mainly.
**Not me!